ParentPreneur Foundation

Welcome to the ParentPreneur Foundation community!

Welcome to the ParentPreneur Foundation community!

Empowering Black ParentPreneurs, so they can leave a legacy for their children.

About Us

Being a parent + entrepreneur is hard, especially if you have young children and are trying to grow revenue to support a family.

Being a Black ParentPreneur is even harder. Black people don’t have the same resources as many of our white ParentPreneur counterparts. Many of us are first-generation college graduates and we don’t have a relative we can call to give us money to hold us over until we are able to get enough traction with our business.

Further, we generally don't have the social capital to execute on our good ideas.

This is why the ParentPreneur Foundation exists. To provide money, tools, resources, and social capital for Black ParentPreneurs. So they can be the best parent and entrepreneur possible. So they can be great spouses/partners and raise delightful children.

This is the ParentPreneur Foundation's contribution to humanity. 

Why You Should Join Us

Join this online community to collaborate and engage with Black ParentPreneurs around the world! And since this community is not on social media, you will have a more robust experience. 

A Big Thanks

Thanks for joining and I look forward to learning and sharing together!

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